About Center Harbor Sails

Center Harbor Sails is a small independently owned sail loft in Brooklin, Maine, the home port of many of the East Coast’s most beautiful wooden boats.  We specialize in making traditional sails out of premium polyester sailcloth.  We ensure the beauty and strength of our sails with a hand-worked finish including hand-sewn rings, roping, siezing, whipping, splicing, and leathering as appropriate.  We are kept busy throughout the year cleaning and caring for hundreds of sails as well as making new sails.  We consider our selves extremely lucky to be able meet so many interesting people while doing work we love.

We are proud to make and care for sails for many of the boatyards here in Brooklin and throughout the Blue Hill Peninsula including Brooklin Boat Yard, Eric Dow Boatshop, North Brooklin Boats, Brion Rieff Boatbuilder, Cape Rosier Boats, Atlantic Boat Company, Morse Cove Marine, and Billings Diesel and Marine as well as the WoodenBoat School.

In addition to maintaining and building sails ourselves we maintain relationships with several larger lofts that can provide our customers with laminate sails and sails that are larger than we care to build.  We also have contacts with local businesses that make marine canvas and cushions and are happy to put our customers in touch with them.